Exploring Women's Personal Experiences of Giving Birth in Gonabad City: A Qualitative Study

  •  Fariba Askari    
  •  Alireza Atarodi    
  •  Shirin Torabi    
  •  Mahdi Moshki    


Background: Women's health is an important task in society. The aim of this qualitative study that used a phenomenological approach was to explain women's personal experiences of giving birth in Gonabad city that had positive experiences of giving birth in order to establish quality cares and the related factors of midwifery cares for this physiological phenomenon.

Methods: The participants were 21 primiparae women who gave a normal and or uncomplicated giving birth in the hospital of Gonabad University of medical sciences. Based on a purposeful approach in-depth interviews were continued to reach data saturation. The data were collected through open and semi-structured interactional in-depth interviews with all the participants. All the interviews were taped, transcribed and then analyzed through a qualitative content analysis method to identify the concepts and themes.

Findings: Some categories were emerged. A quiet and safe environment was the most urgent need of the most women giving birth. Unnecessary routine interventions that are performed on all women regardless of their needs and should be avoided were considered such as: “absolute rest, establishing vein, frequent vaginal examinations, fasting and early Amniotomy”. All the women wanted to take part actively in their giving birth, because they believed it could affect their giving birth.

Conclusion: We hope that the women’s experiences of giving birth will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all the mothers giving birth.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.