The Relationship between Demographic Variables and Diabetes Self-Management in Diabetic Patients in Amman City/Jordan

  •  Mezyed Adwan    
  •  Yahya Najjar    


Background: Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires routine and complicated self care. Although self care can be managed by most diabetes patients, there are many variables that may make diabetes self-management difficult. Aim: The study examined the relationship between clients' demographic variables and diabetes self-management in diabetic clients in Amman city/Jordan. Method: The data were collected through a self-completed questionnaire developed by the researchers and combined with the perceived diabetes self-management scale (PDSMS). The sampling of the investigation comprised 178 diabetes clients from Amman city/Jordan. Findings: There was proportional little relationship between income level and diabetes self management, and reversely proportional low relationship between duration of diabetes and diabetes self management. Other variables had no relationship with diabetes self management. Conclusion: The demographic variables related to diabetes self-management in this study are income level and duration of diabetes. As income level increases, diabetes self-management become better, and the longer the duration of diabetes, the worse is diabetes self-management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.