The Plight of Parents/Caregivers of Children with Heart Disease in the Rural Areas of Namibia: A Problem of Coping

  •  Kristofina Amakali    
  •  Louis Small    


Providing care for a child with heart disease is a daunting task for any parent/caregiver, particularly for those living in poor conditions in rural Namibia. A qualitative, exploratory, phenomenological and contextual study was conducted to describe such parents’/caregivers’ experiences of providing care for a child with a heart disease. The study also examined the children’s experiences of living with the burden of disease at home. The findings revealed experiences of emotional turmoil, disruptive social functioning and social relations, lack of support from the family, lack of organised forms of support from societal organisations, as well as experiences of low vitality among the children. These experiences together signify the overall poor coping by the parents/caregivers and the children. This paper presents the findings of a situational analysis of the experiences of caring for a child with heart disease and of living with heart disease.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.