Action Research on Group Consulting of Family Legal Education for Adolescent Parents in China

  •  Ying Ge    
  •  Wei Feng    


Aim: In this experimental study, we made an attempt to explore the approach and method to improve the legal cognition and family legal education level for adolescent parents. Methods: 10 parents of students of grade two in a middle school of Chongqing in China were provided with group consulting and training. We adopted action research method to make overall assessment on the needs, execution and results of group consulting and training activity about family legal education for adolescent parents. Results: After educating intervention group training of action research, the legal cognition level and the mastery and utilization of family legal educational method of adolescent parents get rising. Conclusion: Through the assessment of action research, the group training manner is a useful group consulting manner to make family legal education for adolescent parents. The program was feasible; the method was effective; the intervention effect was obvious.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.