The Benefits of Breast Massage: A Qualitative Study

  •  Ryan Brown    
  •  Marianne Wong    


Massage therapy has grown as a profession, and its use in the traditional medical setting is rapidly increasing. Massage therapy has been shown to have positive physical, psychological, and biochemical effects. The aim of this study is to review the reasons patients choose breast massage therapy and the benefits of breast massage therapy.

Ten female patients of 18 years and older participated and completed the survey.

Of the ten patients, the average age was 37.5 years. Most common reasons for choosing breast massage include: improve overall health (90%) and overall well-being (80%), relieve muscle tension (80%), reduce stress (70%), and increase size/firmness/elasticity (70%). Almost all patients reported an improvement in quality of life. Bust size increased for nine patients. Most patients reported a reduction in breast pain, reduction in breast swelling, increase in breast size, increase in breast firmness, improved skin elasticity, improved physical health, improved psychological health, and improved overall health and well-being.

Breast massage has positive effects on physical and psychological health and well-being. Its use is increasingly sought after to improve breast health and overall health and wellness. Physicians, healthcare providers, and patients should consider breast massage therapy as complementary and alternative medicine.

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