Creatine Supplements: What the Research Says about How It Can Help Healthy Athletes

  •  Mimansa Dahal    
  •  Keshab Raj Dahal    
  •  Nawa Raj Pokhrel    
  •  Durga Kutal    


Creatine is a popular and widely used ergogenic dietary supplement among athletes, for which studies have consistently shown increased lean muscle mass and exercise capacity when used with short-duration, high-intensity exercise. This article provides an overview of creatine supplementation, particularly in the context of athletes, focusing on its safety, benefits, dosage, and considerations for young individuals. Research has shown that creatine supplementation may provide additional benefits including enhanced post-exercise recovery, injury prevention, and rehabilitation, as well as several potential neurological benefits that may be relevant to sports. Studies show that short- and long-term supplementation is safe and well-tolerated in healthy individuals and several patient populations.

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