Adolescent Obesity-A Global Health Challenge and Call to Action

  •  Rabia Najmi    
  •  Samra Azhar    


The escalating global prevalence of adolescent obesity presents a pressing public health concern with wide-ranging consequences. This narrative review seeks to offer readers a comprehensive examination of the current state of knowledge regarding interventions for adolescent obesity, emphasizing a theoretical and contextual viewpoint. Within this context, this article delves into the intricate dimensions of this issue and stresses the imperative of adolescent focused interventions. It highlights strategies specifically designed to address adolescent obesity, emphasizing the significance of early intervention strategies and the facilitating impact of public health campaigns; policy changes, such as those promoting healthier food environments; and comprehensive education programs. Addressing the challenges faced with implementation of such initiative, barriers and the scarcity of comprehensive data is also explored, alongside the promise of collaborative efforts and longitudinal research. By placing adolescents at the forefront and tailoring interventions to their distinct requirements, we can forge impactful approaches that empower healthier choices and counteract the challenge of obesity. Further research is needed to discern the most effective interventions, gauging their outcomes and successes to inform evidence-based practices for combatting adolescent obesity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.