Ayurveda-Practice-Based Research Network (A-PBRN): Lesson Learned and Way Forward in the UK

  •  Neha Sharma    
  •  Skanthesh Lakshmanan    
  •  Kritika Pandey    
  •  Remya L Nair    
  •  Avtar Singh    
  •  Gayatri Kulkarni    
  •  Kishor Pandav    
  •  Prabhu Shah    


We have recently undertaken a corporate strategy evaluation for a more accurate appraisal of the Ayurveda Practice Based Research Network's two-year outcomes. While many of our views and experiences may not be original to PBRN networks, we feel that for Integrative Ayurveda, our insights will be valuable to others who are constructing or reshaping Ayurveda practice in a shifting health care context.

Research that is contemporary, applicable, and amenable to integration into practice must be prioritized. Clinicians, academics, information technologists, and various scientists, as well as strategy implementation professionals, combining to establish a creative Hub, is a viable approach for reaching this objective in comparison to the original PBRN models. The creative Hub could assist academics in identifying significant research topics and meeting "critical" standards. Bridging the ends between practitioners, researchers, and clinicians may require novel partnerships and non-traditional funding sources in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.