Prevalence and Clinical Predictors of Severe Pneumonia among School-Aged Children: A Systematized Review

  •  Joan Lagmay Jimenez    
  •  Prince Jacob    


This study aims to explore proof of the occurrence and clinical predictors of pneumonia among school-aged children. A systematic review was conducted, where studies published between the years, 2013 to 2020 were included based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The search strategy included free-text terms such as the title and research purpose. However, upon filtration and exclusion of studies based on different reasons, 17 studies were finally selected. Despite the various pathogenesis of pneumonia, findings indicated that environmental conditions contribute significantly to pneumonia, especially when there is poor sanitization and indoor moisture. Studies show that the disease disproportionately affects children from low-income households and regions. Due to the economic status of most of these children, antibiotics are the most prevalent medication administered. This has raised tremendous worry about the risk of developing resistant strains.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.