Creative Self-Efficacy as a Predictor of the Use of Creative Cognition

  •  Wu-jing He    


The present study examined the hypothesized predictive role of creative self-efficacy in the use of creative cognition by taking a perspective rooted in social cognitive theory. A sample of 614 undergraduate students (51.6% female) in Hong Kong was surveyed using the Creative Self-efficacy Scale and the Use of Creative Cognition Scale. The results of multiple regression analyses indicated that creative self-efficacy significantly accounted for 11% of the variance in the tendency to deploy creative cognition. The results of Pearson correlation analysis suggested that the strength of the association between creative self-efficacy and the tendency to deploy creative cognition was of medium size (r = .45). These findings lend empirical support to social cognitive theory and the creative behavior as agentic action (CBAA) model. The findings also suggest the practical implication that creative intention can be facilitated through the promotion of a stronger sense of creative self-belief.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.