Factors Affecting Care and Maintenance of Complete Denture Prostheses (CDP)-A Literature Review

  •  Meenal Nand    
  •  Masoud Mohammadnezhad    


BACKGROUND: The prevalence of edentulism which is a major public health concern globally relating to extensive loss of teeth had reduced. For Edentulous Patients (EDPs), Complete Denture Prostheses (CDP) therapy is a known mode of treatment to improve the overall health and the Oral Health Related-Quality of Life (OHRQoL) with appropriate care and maintenance for its longevity.

AIM: This literature review had been conducted containing the aim to gather the proficiency and ideas related to the factors that affect the care and maintenance of CDP and how it benefits the EDPs related to good CDP care practices.

METHODS: Numerous electronic databases which included Scopus, Embase, Google Scholar and Open Grey literature in English language was used to search for the articles from January 1st 2005 to October 1st 2021 on factors that influenced care and maintenance of CDP. Associated article titles were chosen which was narrowed down to abstract of interested articles and the final 20 preferred full articles were reviewed. The selected articles in this study was analyzed using thematic analysis and their themes were grouped accordingly.

RESULTS: Five themes were thematically identified as factors affecting care and maintenance of CDP: social and cultural factors, economic and demographical factors, policy related factors, physical factors and health service related factors. All articles reviewed demonstrated that every factor is highly essential when it comes to taking appropriate care and maintenance of CDP for EDPs.

CONCLUSION: The current evidence suggests that social, cultural, economical, demographical, policy, physical and health service related factors all significantly constitute towards effective care and maintenance of CDP for EDPs. Furthermore, the results derived from this research is essential in the development of effective post-operative guidelines for appropriate care and maintenance of CDP.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.