E-Waste and Its Consequence for Environment and Public Health: Perspectives in Covid-19 Pandemic Times

  •  Joselito Nardy Ribeiro    
  •  Angelo Fernando Melo Barbosa    
  •  Araceli Veronica Flores Nardy Ribeiro    
  •  Madson de Godoi Pereira    
  •  Jairo Pinto de Oliveira    
  •  Alan Bragança Zordan    
  •  André Romero da Silva    


Every year the electronics industry increases its production and earns billions of dollars. This increase is associated to the growth electronic waste production that, unfortunately, is not followed by the proportional recycling increase. An extensive quantity of e-waste containing several toxic chemical residues, that provoke serious toxic effects for human health, is released in the environment every day. This work it is a mini review about the issue of electronic waste production and its chemical contamination capacity for soil, water, plants, animals, food, and humans. Finally, this mini-review finalize with a small reflection about e-waste in Covid-19's Pandemic times.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.