Perspectives of Self-Care Experiences of Aging Individuals Living Independently: A Focused Ethnography in the Community Setting

  •  Phatchanun Vivarakanon    


Globally, aging individuals who live independently facing various problems in maintaining their health and well-being. Understanding the capability of personal well-being is an important consideration in promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles in aging individuals. This paper aimed to more deeply explore, from self-care experiences of aging individuals living independently in the community, from their perspective. The study used the inductive approach of focused ethnography which is based on Orem’s Theory of Self-Care. Data collection consisted of participant observation with field notes and semi-structured interviews with 25 aging individuals living independently in the northern part of Thailand. Three themes were followed as protocol of the data collection plan and used the identification and classification of transcription, coding, and thematic analysis as perspectives of self-care experiences of aging individuals living independently in the community setting: 1) continuing habits of healthcare practices, 2) maintaining positive emotional adaptation, 3) and having reasonable social and life adjustments. These themes exemplified the practice of activities that aging individuals initiated and performed as their daily and routine activities with the intention of maintaining life health and well-being. Consideration of aging individuals living independently self-care experiences assisted nurses and provided greater perspectives in providing actual needs and reduced resources of nursing care and healthcare system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.