The Effect of Hypnobreastfeeding on Increased Milk Production in Breastfeeding Mothers of Perlis Village, Tangkahan Durian District, of North Sumatera, Indonesia

  •  Julieta Hutabarat    
  •  Kirana Patrolina Sihombing    


BACKGROUND/AIM: To ascertain Hypnobreastfeeding on increased milk production in Breastfeeding Mothers of Perlis Village, Tangkahan Durian District, in Nort Sumatera of Indonesia.

METHODS: A Quasy experiment study with non-equivalen control group approach with purposive sampling. A total of 24 samples randomly selected become as many as 12 people were given hypnobreastfeeding treatment and 12 people were not treated with the inclusion criteria age of infants were10 days - 1 month, mother’s Hb ≥ 12 g% and infants were not given formula milk during the study. Data entry was done manually but the analysis was done with the SPSS version 12 programme. Results were presented as distribution frequencies.

RESULTS: Hypnobreastfeeding was significantly increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers (p value =0.001). The mean of initial breast milk in the hypnobreastfeeding group was 78.92 ml SD 2.15 and after treatment became 93.94 ml (SD=5.23). The findings of the study were compared with previous studies and the researchers showed how the relevant theories that guided the study were used to explain the findings.

CONCLUSION: Hypnobreastfeeding treatment could increased milk production of breastfeeding mothers. So, the counseling of Hypnobreastfeeding treatment was necessary to breastfeeding mothers even to mothers during pregnancy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.