Effect of Training on the Application of ANC 10 T on Midwife Knowledge to Prevent Maternal Death in Dairi Regency of North Sumatra Indonesia

  •  Samsider Sitorus    
  •  Emy Rianti    
  •  Juliani Purba    


INTRODUCTION: Antenatal Care (ANC) data collected at Matlab Thana and shows that the maternal mortality rate for mothers aged 15 – 19 years is 7.4 per 1000 live births while for mothers aged 20 – 24 it is 3.8 to 1000 live births. For mothers under the age of 15, 17, 7. This ratio was then cited in the 1989 WHO volume compilation of age-specific maternal mortality data from 40 countries over approximately the same period as the Bangladesh study suggesting a much more moderate risk of excess for young mothers, but most of them were ignored in the scientific literature. Rizki Dewi et al’s 2017 research-led most midwives (69.7%) 10T standard in good integrated antenatal service. The purpose of the research to know the knowledge of midwives in the application of antenatal care to prevent maternal death in Dairi Regency of North Sumatra. METHODS: Design research was quantitative research with a quantitative design experiment. Models used, observed/measured changes. Bivariate Analysis, to analyze the influence between independent variables (each dimension) and dependent variables with different tests (t-tests). RESEARCH RESULTS: Midwife knowledge increased after ANC implementation training. Knowledge Before an ANC 10 T application training, value p = 0.731 This means that there was no difference in knowledge, control before (pre-test) training implementation of ANC 10 T. The average knowledge difference between the pre-test and post-test is 0.067 with a value of p = 0.058 The difference between the case group and the control group before and after the training of an ANC 10 T implementation with a value of p = 0.000, p-value (0.000) < 0.05 then it can be concluded that the training of the implementation of ANC 10 T effectively improves midwife knowledge in Dairi Regency of Sumatra Province. CONCLUSION: Midwife knowledge increased after an ANC implementation training in the Dairi regency of North Sumatra. Advice that training was very effective to improve the knowledge of midwives in the application of ANC in Dairi district of North Sumatra. 

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