Perceived Stress Level and Coping Mechanisms Among Health Allied Students

  •  Abd Alhadi Hasan    
  •  Hussein Alqarni    
  •  Nofaa Ali Alasmee    


Purposes: This study identified and compared between the levels and types of stressors as well as coping behaviors.

Design: Cross-Sectional Survey

Methods: Data were collected using a convenience sample of 286 students

Findings: The results showed that ‘‘teachers and nursing staff’ ’and ‘‘assignments and workload’’ were the highest sources of stress among nursing and MLS students. But this was much higher among nursing students. In addition, lack of professional knowledge and skills were cited the least stressors among both students’ groups.

Practice Implications: The result can be used to support Nursing student to utilize positive coping mechanism to deal with stress successfully. Enhance academic staff awareness about re-allocation of the academic demands and the emphasis on the benefit of orientation week for the students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.