Barriers to Treatment-Seeking Behavior Among Adolescents With Anxiety in Indonesia

  •  Dwi Hapsari Tjandrarini    
  •  Puti Sari Hidayangsih    
  •  Rofingatul Mubasyiroh    


This study aims to identify factors related to treatment-seeking behavior in people with anxiety disorders in Indonesia. The research was conducted in 3 (three) regions ie Bogor City, Jombang and Tojo Una-Una Regency. The study population was men and women aged 15 years and above. The total sample survey was 2,283 respondents. This research was a cross-sectional design with a quantitative approach. Selection of research location based on the village with a variety of mental disorder conditions. Bogor City in West Java Province was chosen to represent the urban areas of Java with a high prevalence of the mental disorder. Tojo Una-Una District in Central Sulawesi was selected to represent rural areas outside Java with a high prevalence of the mental-emotional disorder. Jombang District in East Java Province also elected to represent the area of low mental disorder with a well-known mental health program. Results show 16.6% of respondents are suffering from anxiety disorders, while others have only complained about 1 or more symptoms of anxiety. Of the total people with such anxious symptoms, only 46.2% of people are seeking treatment, while 36.3% with anxiety disorders doing the same. There is a relationship between age and sex with help-seeking behaviors (p = 0.00). Adolescents who suffer from anxiety at risk of no treatment 6.6 times (Adjusted OR=6.6; 95% CI= 3.4-23.9) compared to the elderly. Men with anxiety disorders are likely 1.97 times (Adjusted OR=0.5; 95% CI= 0.4-0.7) at no treatment than women. People who have an anxiety disorder at risk of 1.7 times (Adjusted OR=1.7; 95% CI= 1.1-2.4) for having no treatment than people with anxiety symptoms. It is essential to improve knowledge about anxiety and how important to find treatment through counseling and health education on mental health.

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