The Implementation of Local Wisdom to Improve the Health and Quality of Life the Hypertension Family as a New Strategy for Early Prevention of Stroke

  •  Marlina Marlina    
  •  Badaruddin Badaruddin    
  •  Fikarwin Zuska    
  •  Rahayu Lubis    


Indonesia is well known as a country which has high ethnic diversity. Thus, each ethnic specifically has a local wisdom as their own identity. However, the economic growth, globalization, and modernization have eroded the local wisdom in which it is potentially forgotten by the next generation. The modernization also has been proved changing the behavior, lifestyle, and live quality of society. As the result, Hypertension are documented as the highest case diseases generated by the change of behaviour, lifestyle, and lack quality of life. However, the hypertension is possibly controlled by the intervention of life-style and improving the quality of life. This present study aims to implement the local wisdom of Aceh to improve the quality of life as new strategy to early prevention of stroke disease. The research design using Participatory Action Research including reconnaissance, planning, action, evaluation, and reflection based on Aceh local wisdom are specifically used as a new approach to reach the goal. The result shows that the local wisdom can be used as the main reason to change the society behaviour. The implementation of local wisdom potentially become the solution, because the society, especially the one who have the history of hypertension coming from their family, can empower family health problem by providing high attention to family health problem. Additionally, the local wisdom encourages the society to check their health status as control, whereas most of participant is only visiting the health center when they did not feel good. The result also proved that the local wisdom can initiate the society to modify their own environment, indicating the increase of awareness about the importance of cleaning the environment. The successful implementation of local wisdom should be supported and developed to follow the modernization without losing its identity because the fast growing of globalization cannot be hold but can be well maintained.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.