A Literature Review on People-Centered Care and Nursing Practice in Primary Health Care Setting

  •  Adepeju. M. Lateef    
  •  Euphemia. M. Mhlongo    


BACKGROUND: With increased research, the concept of people-centered care is advancing, and it remains an important concept in the health sector. Despite reported evidence of significant benefits, this concept is poorly utilized by professional nurses. The principle has not been demonstrated and absorbed at primary health care levels.

AIM: The aim of this study is to present review of literature on people-centered care (PCC) in nursing and its practice in primary health care setting.

METHODS: Searching for this study is conducted through electronic databases in which the following databases were searched: PubMed, Google Scholar, Science Direct, EMBASE, and CINAHL, MEDLINE, Health sources: Nursing/Academic edition, PsycINFO, Education source, Academic search complete, and psychARTICLE from EBSCOhost platform. The Joanna Briggs Institute Reviewers’ Manual 2015 methodology framework was used as a guide to conduct the search strategy. Furthermore, in this review study, both peer reviewed articles and grey studies on people centered care were reviewed.

RESULT: The findings of this research review outlined the evidence, practicability and acceptability of nursing care with people-centered care concept in the primary health care centers. Considering that nurses play a vital role in the health sector, it is possible to use people-centered care in Primary Health Care settings. However, there are many difficulties and obstacles identified such as: absence of nursing fraternity training and growth, absence of clear educational advancement resulting from change in accreditation, small number of nurses at the organizational level of health care organizations, and reduced global health care organization assistance.

DISCUSSION: The results from this review highlighted evidence of the relationship between quality healthcare deliveries of nurses with people-centered care concept in primary healthcare centers. Nurses' role in delivering PCC and gauging their knowledge and understanding is becoming imperative and crucial. In primary health care environments, nurses play a significant role in understanding a patient's culture of quality and efficient health care.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.