Learning From Interactive Whiteboard Instruction Technology in Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

  •  Fayez S. Maajeeny    


Interactive whiteboard instruction technology provides interactive learning environment and serves as a motivational tool for the students. The study aims to investigate the effectiveness of interactive whiteboard (IAW) to teach early numeracy skills to the ASD students. The study has employed single-case design methodology and evaluated students for the effectiveness of using interactive whiteboard for teaching skills to the students through multiple probe design. A total of five baseline sessions were conducted on total four recruited students. During the intervention, data was obtained for at least three sessions from the date each student reached the acquisition criteria. The results showed that introduction of the intervention resulted in all participants meeting the established criteria. The early numeracy skills were generalized by all the four students to a different setting and with different materials. These results have supported the effectiveness of the interactive whiteboard, coupled with DTT to teach early numeracy skills to students with ASD. The study has concluded that interactive whiteboard with DTT was effective to teach early numeracy skills to the ASD students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.