Differences in Platelet Glycoprotein Expression During Menstruation Cycle and Ovulatory Phase

  •  Faisal M. Alzahrani    
  •  Fathelrahman M. Hassan    


INTRODUCTION: The variations in the physiological properties of female platelets during menstrual cycle phases, pregnancy and postmenopausal women to interactions with platelet CD49b, CD42b, CD41a and CD61 expression glycoprotein receptors were not well understood. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the expression of these glycoprotein receptors during menstruation and ovulatory phase of menstrual cycle in reproductive age women. METHODS: It is across section study including 44 healthy young non‑hormonal contraceptives taking women aged between 19-44 years to determine the effect of estrogen on the expression level of platelet glycoprotein receptors (GPIb, GPIIa, GPIIb and GPIIIa) in its resting state in women in reproductive age. RESULTS: No significant difference in the expression of CD42b, CD41a and CD61 between menstruation and ovulatory phases in resting platelets in all subjects. However, this study showed a significant difference in CD49b expression in none-Arab ethnic subjects compared to Arab women. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS: This study suggested CD49b glycoprotein receptor used to be the commonly expression on the surface of platelet at some stage in menstruation and ovulatory segment of menstrual cycle in reproductive age women in turn extended platelet activity. Further studies including large number of subjects, platelet integrin gene polymorphisms and progesterone factors changes in platelet clotting associated to menstrual cycle should be conducted.

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