Dietary and Physical Activity Modifications Intervention for Older People

  •  Trias Mahmudiono    
  •  Stefania Widya Setyaningtyas    
  •  Qonita Rachmah    
  •  Mahmud Aditya Rifqi    
  •  Diah Indriani    
  •  Triska Susila Nindya    
  •  Hario Megatsari    
  •  Wantanee Kriengsinyos    


OBJECTIVE: Diet and physical activity modification such as specialized gymnastic, Taichi, or yoga could reduce either blood glucose or HbA1C level in diabetes patients among older people. This study was a behaviorally based nutrition education intervention for older people in reducing their HbA1C and total cholesterol level in urban area in Indonesia.

DESIGN: This was quasi experimental study with three-month behavioral intervention based on Social Cognitive Theory.

SETTING: The study was held in Jagir Sub-district located in urban area of Surabaya. Preliminary study showed proportion of hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus among older people in Jagir Sub-district was respectively 21.37% and 2.74%.

PARTICIPANTS: 60 older people in Jagir Sub-district was divided into 5 groups consist of: control, physical activity education only, nutrition education only, combination of physical activity and nutrition education, and education material only group.

INTERVENTIONS: The intervention was consisted of six sessions physical activity or nutrition education, or both of it performed by trained nutrition science students.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The primary outcomes of this study were HbA1C (%) and total cholesterol (mg/dL) levels.

ANALYSIS: The normal distributed or transformed data was analyzed using mixed factorial ANOVA in order to test the difference between groups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.