Discriminant Analysis to Predict the Hypertension in Women Aged 25–54 Years

  •  Olwin Nainggolan    
  •  Dwi Hapsari Tjandrarini    
  •  Lely Indrawati    


BACKGROUND: Hypertension is generally associated with the contributing risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adults. This research is aimed to create a prediction model of the hypertension incidence in women aged 15 through 54 years.

MATERIAL & METHODS: The research subjects are 117 women whose ages range from 27 to 54 years living in the village in the central district of Bogor. Through the instrumentation and Vo2 max measuring performed, the information was gathered concerning the following aspects: a) socio-demographic status; b) the abdominal girth; c) fasting blood glucose level; d) body mass index; e) blood lipids including the total cholesterol and triglycerides. The data analysis was conducted using discriminant analysis.

RESULTS: The results of multivariable discriminant analysis showed that the level of Vo2 max is the only distinction maker of the incidence of hypertension with the final equation model Zscore = -3.033 + 0.102*Vo2 max and the cut off point -0.00018.

CONCLUSION: Concerted efforts from all concerned parties are needed to prevent the hypertension especially through the physical activities relevant to a more quality lifestyle.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.