On the Characterization of Dredged Marine Soils from Malaysian Waters: Physical Properties

  •  Zarina Shahri    
  •  Chee-Ming Chan    


Every year, large volumes of dredged marine soils (DMS) are removed from Malaysian water. Dredging activity is needed to maintain and enlarge water bodies. DMS properties are varies depending to space, time and land uses in the watershed. DMS were also reported to be contaminated with chemical and biological contaminants, making the materials risky for reuse. Information on DMS properties, e.g. physical, chemical and biological properties is essential to the selection of a suitable reuse option. This study is focused on the characterization of Malaysian DMS for beneficial reuse. Three samples from different dredging sites and one sample of sediment as a control were used in this study. Physical properties of DMS from Malaysia water were identified and quantified. The DMS were classified as high plasticity clay (CH), high plasticity silt (MH) and low plasticity silt (ML) for Lumut, Melaka and Tok Bali respectively. The results showed that the DMS from different locations have different physical properties. Thus, the characterizations of DMS with regards of physical properties are significant in decision making either to be reused or disposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.