Design and Implementation of China HowNet Knowledge Map Generation Module Literature

  •  Liu Xiang Wei    


Based on the analysis of the construction technology of the existing literature knowledge map, a China HowNet (CNKI) method for automatic generation of literature knowledge map. This paper according to the qualification to collect related data of the web page; Second original web data analysis, and design knowledge map structure; By determining the entity, after extracting properties and associated knowledge; And knowledge to the automatic mapping for secondary image database of Cypher code; Finally build the direction of our school language information processing of CNKI, included the literature of knowledge map. Automatic and efficient knowledge map construction in the evolution of discipline has great practical significance, methods and conclusions of this paper can provide literature research, the researchers in the field of knowledge map building and information visualization to provide enlightenment and reference.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.