Darwinism & Other Crumbling Theories in Science

  •  Nikolaos E Myridis    


In this editorial, I decided to publish a review of mine regarding the scientific book Entropy and Information Optics - Connecting Information and Time, Yu F.T.S. The review is given in the following text. The scope of the book at hand is the mutual presentation of Information and Entropy through the prism of Optics; in other words, the transaction of Info­rmation and Information Processing Systems by the inherent characterizing identity of Entropy and by specific means of information processing, i.e. Optics. It is of course a resampling or re-exposition of scientific knowledge regarding the field of information and entropy, as well as optics. The aforementioned knowledge has already been exposed and written in essays, in excess.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.