The Study of Leap-forward and Sustainable Development in Chinese Cashmere Industry

  •  Yuanyuan Li    


Although the haze of world financial crisis is fading, the caution from the crisis is still keeping the red light on to Chinese Cashmere industry. So, this paper after retrospective analysis of the main reasons of crisis triggered cashmere industry predicament by taking the Inner Monongalia cashmere industry as an example, find that: it is of the great significance for Chinese cashmere industry to achieve leap-forward and sustainable development during the crucial period at present. To reexamine the problem of development in a new view, we need to adjust cashmere industry developing thoughts through taking full advantage of opportunities afforded by the post-financial crisis era, and to achieve the purpose of cashmere industry development based of dynamic comparative advantage. Further more, putting forward suggestions on realizing leap-forward sustainable development, expecting to handle appropriately the relationship between the development of Chinese cashmere industry and the population, resources and environment, and keep harmony with natural resources and environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.