A Study of Contribution of Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan for Primary Education

  •  Sufiana. K. Malik    
  •  Nadia Bi bi    


Paper determines contribution of Agha Khan Education Services Pakistan (AKESP) for primary education at Chitral. Findings indicated that AKESP primary schools provide free admission for all students. Teachers at AKESP primary schools are highly qualified; they are provided refreshes courses, AKESP schools have proper building, furniture, electricity, computer, library, sick room, drinking water and proper toilet facilities. Scholarships are given to outstanding students and fee concession facility for poor students. Findings depicted that curriculum taught at AKESP primary schools was according to needs of students. Problems at AKESP schools were shortage of teachers, especially English teachers and lack of teaching aids. AKESP may take suitable measures to solve these problems. Researches can be planned to standards of quality primary education in AKESP primary schools and public sector primary schools, or differences in provision of facilities at AKESP’s primary schools and public sector primary schools may be examined.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.