Peaceful National Qualities and Unique Martial Spirit—Comparatively Exploring the Aesthetic Psychology on War in the Heroic Epic Lifeng of Dai People

  •  Wenxian Xia    


How does a writer of a nation describe or evaluate wars in the field of literature to show the unique cultural psychology and spiritual temperament of the nation? In the context of the communication and integration of the world literature, the interpretation of the heroic epics of the Chinese minorities can be helpful to identify the unique value of varieties of national literature and contributes a lot for us to better understand the rich Chinese multi-ethnic literary world. Comparing Lifeng, the representative of the heroic epics of Dai nationality, with Iliad, the ancient Greek epic poem, I can find that the Dai people has the unique cultural psychology of advocating strength, taking pride of courage, denying the plundering, and longing for a peaceful life. Her martial spirit with no smell of blood was born from the integration of frequent fights and the agricultural civilization in history.

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