Study on Countermeasures for Developing Sunshine Sports in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning

  •  Xuxia Yao    


This study used the document literature, expert interview, questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics to make an in-depth analysis in the specific situation of developing sunshine sports in 15 regular institutions of higher learning in Tianjin. According to study result, part of leaders and a large majority of university students are still the major objects of publicizing “sunshine sports”, funds shortage becomes one of the major factors restraining development of “sunshine sports” in colleges and universities in Tianjin, the sports time of most university students lags behind the requirement of “one hour for sports each day”, the number of sports associations is too small and the rate of participation of students is low, initial success has been achieved since the development of “sunshine sports” and the pass rates of test of “physical health standard of university students” in most schools attains above the standard of 85% required by the nation. It is suggested, in the process of developing sunshine sports, all universities and colleges should strengthen vigor of propaganda and investment in sports funds in sunshine sports, accelerate sports associations and club construction and improve quality and treatment of sports teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.