Evaluation Indicator System for Collaborative Development of the Three Industries and an Empirical Research on Sichuan Province

  •  Qizhi Yang    
  •  Feng Ye    
  •  Fuhui Yan    


Collaborative development of the three industries is the target of pursuit for economic development of a country, and is also the requirement for economic harmony and sustainable development. It is a difficult issue how to measure collaboration of the three industries and conduct a quantitative study. However, it is a quite good choice to establish an evaluation indicator system and employ the comprehensive evaluation method. Establishment of the indicator system is able to make an evaluation on collaborative development of the three industries in more regions. Furthermore, its establishment may enhance the three industries' industrial structure on the basis of evaluation, and optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, which can better stimulate regional economic growth and sustainable development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.