The Effect of Job Satisfaction and Family Satisfaction on Work- Family Conflict (W-FC) and Family-Work Conflict (F-WC) among Married Female Nurses in Shiraz-Iran

  •  Hajar Namayandeh    
  •  Rumaya Juhari    
  •  Siti Nor Yaacob    


The present study highlights the significance of job satisfaction as one of the most important work factors on W-FC and F-WC. This paper also examines the effects of one of the essential family factor which is family satisfaction on W-FC and F-WC. The respondents for this study consist of 198 married female nurses working in public hospitals in Shiraz-Iran. The findings revealed that married female nurses with high level of job satisfaction tend to report low level of W-FC. Unlike previous studies, the finding also indicates that there is no significant relationship between the respondents’ job satisfaction and F-WC, which may be explained by the specific cultural context in Iran. This study also established that high level of family satisfaction is associated with low level of W-FC and F-WC. Implications are discussed and recommendations are made regarding future researches in this area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.