Tourism Promotion through the Internet (Websites): (Jordan as a Case Study)

  •  Mohammad Nayef ALsarayreh    
  •  Omar A. A. Jawabreh    
  •  Khalid Suleiman ALkharabsheh    
  •  Mohammed Mousa Aldahamsheh    


This research paper seeks to study the status of tourism promotion in Jordan, in particular via the Internet, with a future plan to develop this type of promotion based on the needs of the country .The aim of this research paper is to draw conclusions that help to know and understand this type of tourism promotion, And to know how to develop it in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to disseminate the maximum information about the Kingdom.
This research paper is designed to determine the conditions of websites used in tourism promotion of Jordan, to find out the obstacles that face this type of promotion via websites, and the factors that affect its development .The findings and recommendations implied by this research paper will be presented to decision-makers in Jordan tourism sector to be taken into account.
The research paper adopted carefully a survey form which is designed to collect data and information. It is used to know the trends and opinions of the research paper sample. The results showed that the tourism promotion through the Internet helps to increase competition in the prices of tourism, while the website design helps to spread information about the tourism offers. Both sexes consider that the website design as a means helps to ensure the information veracity of tourism offers.
The research paper recommended to continue development of the role of tourism promotion through the Internet in spreading information about the tourism offers, so as to achieve the greatest possible benefits.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.