The U.S.’ Political Challenges on China’s National Security in the 21st Century’s First Decade

  •  Chen Ou    


The Sino-U.S. relations are vital bilateral ties in contemporary international relations. In the 21st century’s first decade, China’s booming economy and increasing military force caused high alert of the United States. Though it is compulsory of China’s cooperation in international affairs after the 911 incident and the financial crisis, the United States still politically adopted positive measures to restrict China. Behind these measures, China’s political security is facing the challenges from the United States. The United States’ uncertain positioning on China caused her wavering policy on China. In the last decade, the United States designedly isolated China from ideology to politics. The United States also deployed “Double C-type Siege” to strategically contain China. China and the US national identity are constructed by international structure. Under contemporary international structure, it will be perpetuated of the US’ challenges for China’s national security.

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