Problems and Countermeasures on Corporate Internal Audit in China

  •  Chuanlian Song    


Along with the increasing embeddedness of corporate reform, current China has to confront the significant issues of how to establish and improve corporate governance structure, optimize internal control, promote effective use of corporate resources, and avoid fraud and waste. Corporate internal audit is the auditing, monitoring and evaluating on corporate internal economic activities, so as to strengthen internal management and increase economic efficiency. Its purpose is to expose and reflect real status of corporate assets, debts, profit and loss, to investigate various illegal problems on corporate financial receipts and expenditures, to maintain China’s ownership rights, to promote clean government establishment, to prevent the loss of state-owned assets, and to serve the governmental macro-control. Therefore, based on relevant theories of internal audit, this paper is to analyze several problems on internal audit and propose countermeasures to the internal audit problems under China’s modern enterprise system.

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