Challenges of Sociology in Iran (Ups And Downs and Perspective of Exit)

  •  Ali Tayefi    


The sociology in Iran, as a scientific discipline, has been established in the academic and research centers around 70 years ago. This scientific discipline is continuing to produce knowledge and educating students despite many ups and downs during these seven decades. An overview to the history of developing of the sociology in Iran shows that it still facing with many challenges and serious crises although many books, articles have written or translated to Persian and many research projects have been conducted. In this article, through a historic perspective to the processes of development of the sociological schools affected by different ideological viewpoints from Marxism and Islamism; first, I try to define the main approaches of analyzing social problems according to these ideological viewpoints. The other aim of the article is studying the historical periods of formation and the development of various sociological approaches in this scientific discipline. In this process, I will analyze the development of sociology in two formal and informal sectors. Finally, I conclude that the sociology in Iran has many structural crises that will face many obstacles and difficulties for problematizing and resolving the socio/cultural issues without identifying the causes and consequences of these crises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.