Male Students Are More Stressed than Female Due to Social Class Differences in Peshawar (Pakistan)

  •  Qamruz Zaman    
  •  Muhammad Atif    
  •  Syed Habib Shah    
  •  Inayat Ullah    
  •  Muhammad Farooq    
  •  Gohar Ayub    


This article comprises of questionnaire / interview survey of 212 students to study the association between the socio economic status of the students and their standard of living. The social classes are divided into three main groups Upper, Middle and Working social classes on the basis of education, occupation, income, and place of residence. On the self assessment basis majority of the students put themselves in the middle socioeconomic class. Test was carried out for the association between gender of the respondents and the satisfaction with the standard of living, mental stress and social status, gender and social status causes mental stress, social classes and sufficient education facilities are available for poor people. Analysis showed that the gender of the respondent and all the two factor interaction were insignificant but profession and monthly income of the respondent play a vital role in discriminating the people in different social classes. This discrimination causes a mental stress. Work also revealed that in Peshawar region the mental stress phenomenon is more common in male than females in various fields of life. This may be due to the fact that males have more responsibilities. In most cases they have to earn to support their families. Hard government policies are also considered as the major factor which causes mental stress among the students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.