Determinants of Culture: An Analytical Study of Business Organizations Working in Faisalabad, Pakistan

  •  Sunober Ismat    
  •  Iram Bashir    
  •  babak mahmood    


This study was aimed at investigating basic determinants of culture that contribute to differentiate culture of export-based textile organizations from one another. For this concern, different factors (degree of frankness, language, attire, working hours, work experience, activities other than work, infrastructure, procrastination, group orientation, and organizational behavior) were identified and their degree of contribution to culture of export based organizations is examined. For this purpose, Faisalabad city was selected as universe and a sample of 100 respondents from textile organizations was analyzed. After collecting information certain statistical tools (mean, bivariate, multivariate and Pearson correlation) were applied to evaluate the intensity of cultural determinants. This study indicates that the degree of frankness, procrastination, infrastructure, working hours, group orientation, work experience, and activities other than work are the strong predictors of culture. Attire and language were less significant to determine the culture of export-based textile organization. Open communication and management style contributed and effected the intensity of determinants of culture and helped to understand overall culture of organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.