Current Situation of Teaching and Learning in the Subject of Social Studies (Pakistan Studies) at Secondary School Level

  •  Abida Nasreen    
  •  Anjum Naz    
  •  Riffat Awan    


Social studies promote civic competence in the students and disciplinary knowledge of social studies is drawn primarily from the social science disciplines i.e., anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology etc. Effectiveness of teaching depends on teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills to develop close contact with students. Present study was undertaken to find out the current situation of teaching and learning of social studies at the secondary school level. Data was solicited from thirty teachers and hundred students of secondary school level (grade 9-10) through structured interviews. The information collected through interviews was organized under different themes. Response averages were calculated to support the narrative data. Narrative data was further reported as it was described by the interviewees. Teachers’ and students’ views were found contradictory on some points that raised some serious questions about important areas of concern in teaching and learning of social studies at secondary schools in Lahore, Pakistan. School administrators should take certain measures to facilitate and guide teachers to overcome their deficiencies with good supervision, provision of facilities, encouragement, timely feedback to teachers and direct and regular interaction with students on reported areas of concern.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.