Religious Issues of Modernity and Modernity Issues of Religiosity

  •  Yan Chen    
  •  Qin min He    


Modernity as the element affected manufacture means, life styles and value tastes of the modern people, has obvious interposition and intervention in the fields of human and nature, human and society of current society. Therewith lots of modernity theories about researching and explanation has been come into being, emerging the theories in endlessly. The theories have shown themselves as the form of particular phase, root phase in modernity, managing to unscramble the root phase of modernity. The paper discussed the root phase of modernity through particular phase of modernity: the root phase of modernity narrated the substance meaning in virtue of Weber’s and Simmel’s studies: for one hand, modernity is the fadeaway of religious theology thoughts drawn by rationality and Science & technology by the logic of Weber, i.e. rationality conduced the secularization; for another, it is Simmel’s appeal to the human ontological subjective world for pneuma with psychologism attention when Weber’s modernity sequence, religious divinity ontology fadeaway.

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