Demographic Factors Affecting Employment in Pattani and Songkla Provinces of Thailand

  •  Pun Thongchumnum    
  •  Sunari Suwanro    
  •  Chamnein Choonpradub    


This study investigated the effects of demographic factors on the employment of people in Pattani and Songkla Provinces of Thailand. The outcome variable is binary employment status (employed or unemployed). The determinant variables are education completion level (none, elementary, secondary, high) and the demographic factors gender, religion (Islam or Other), seven 5-year age groups (25-29 to 54-59), and district. We used data from the 2000 Census of the National Statistical Office. The analysis method involved first stratifying by religion, gender and district and then fitting logistic regression models in each stratum to determine odds ratios for the association between the outcome and the education completion level factor after adjusting for age group, and then combining these odds ratios using meta-analysis to obtain the overall independent association between education completion and unemployment in each province. The results showed that in Songkla province persons who had completed secondary education had no advantage in gaining employment over those who had completed only elementary education. And in Pattani province, those who had completed secondary education had a substantially higher unemployment rate than those with only an elementary education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.