Corporate Space for Social Sciences through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Rising trend of Corporate Social Responsibility is a Boom for Asia’s Social Sciences from Theory and Practice Perspective

  •  Sriram Kannekanti    
  •  Vinay Muddu    


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the emerging areas of industry and corporate arena. The CSR movement is becoming not only a mere social responsible activity but also an attractive and challenging profession. There are two major dimensions in corporate social responsibility. They are; 1) theory, 2) practice. Many management institutions especially business schools made CSR as an optional subject in their curriculum. This paper provides information and emerging trends of Corporate Social Responsibility from Asia’s social sciences theory and practice perspective. How management institutions (especially business schools) and multinational companies are promoting and mandating such initiatives also discussed in this paper. The CSR concept was started in 20th century in Europe and it was implemented based on purely charity and fashion. End of the 20 the century after entering of new millennium the concept totally changed in all over the world. Developing countries like India also becoming a good host for CSR initiatives. This paper also gives the information about how CSR is becoming profession by introducing curriculum in management institutions and business schools. The CSR in the context of International, Asia and Country level perspectives also presented. The whole paper discussed in different dimensions of CSR like profession, management education, Research etc…

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