Vision Logic and Aesthetic Evolution

  •  Feng Zhu    


Visual logic is the most basic logic principle that human beings’ aesthetic taste is based on. Through conducting search on aesthetic taste, we found out the common rule for aesthetic evolution, which is also an evolution process in a sense of meaning. Firstly, visual system apperceives aesthetic objects in a mode similar to computer searches. In the process of apperception, visual system is controlled by “collective unconsciousness” standard formed through the deposition of “collective” experience and by “individual unconsciousness” formed through the accumulation of “individual” experience. The brain clears up the messages through visual logic, and makes deduction, after which the brain could obtain accurate visual apperception. Under proper circumstances, aesthetic resonance is generated. Further, the aesthetic taste of the group could be sublimed, which in turn exerts impact on the “unconsciousness” aesthetic standard of individuals and collective groups. This is the basic way for the evolution of aesthetic taste and is the evolution logic which occurs momently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.