The Satisfaction of Residents on Community Facilities in Shah Alam, Malaysia

  •  Hafazah Abdul Karim    


Residents in urban areas are well provided with available facilities to choose from; may that be for education, grocery shopping, eating, recreation, praying, medical services and others. Residents can choose any of these facilities for their needs and wants. There is however some variance in the choice of facilities for different types of housing areas. The availability of facilities has to some degree affect the satisfaction of residents towards their housing environment. This paper revolves around the findings of a research relating to the level of satisfaction of residents in urban low cost flats towards the availability and accessibility of facilities in two cities. There are a total of eight locations of low cost flats; five of which are located in the city of Shah Alam and three locations in the city of Klang. Combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods were used to approach this study. Survey data were analysed through the SPSS program and also by the Grounded Theory Analysis. The findings show that the factors of availability and accessibility of facilities play an important role in the level of satisfaction of these residents. Findings also show that that the respondents in Shah Alam are more satisfied compared to those in Klang towards the community facilities domain in their housing area. In general, it can be concluded that residents living in Shah Alam has a higher level of well-being than in Klang where community facilities domain is concerned.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.