Photograph, Information Search and Tourism Marketing

  •  Banafsheh Farahani    
  •  Badaruddin Mohamed    
  •  Ahmad Puad Mat Som    


In the age of globalization, being aware of tourist information search behavior is a fundamental factor for marketing management to decide and provide an effective marketing and service to their potential travelers. As information search is a first step in travel decision making therefore, marketers can provide proper information and influence travelers to make decision. Understanding Pre-purchase information search behavior has been an important concern for researchers on both theoretical and applied ground since early nineteen century till present. The provided information can be text based, image based (photograph) and voice based. The overall purpose of this paper is to better understanding of tourist data preference while searching for information. It explains how important and useful photograph can be in tourism information search and marketing in general. It is also shows the power of photograph to show the place characters. The data was collected from 204 tourists all over the world as well as related available secondary sources. The result of the study can be useful for tourism marketers to provide information related to tourists needs and desire.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.