University Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan

  •  Safdar Rehman Ghazi    
  •  Riasat Ali    
  •  Gulap Shahzada    
  •  Muhammad Israr    


The major purpose of this study was to explore the level of job satisfaction of university teachers in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The objectives of the study were: to assess the general satisfaction level of university teachers, to determine university teachers’ satisfaction level for each of the twenty dimensions of the job, and to give suggestions to improve university teachers’ job satisfaction level. All the university teachers working in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan constituted the population of this study. A sample of 108 university teachers was drawn from this population. A questionnaire following the theoretical framework of Herzberg’s two factor theory was developed. The findings show that university teachers were generally satisfied with their jobs. However teachers were neutral with dimensions: working conditions, organizational policies and practices, recognition, supervision technical and promotion opportunities. The teachers were satisfied with work variety, creativity, moral values, compensation, work itself, colleagues’ cooperation, responsibility, ability utilization, authority, activity, social status, job security, achievement and students’ interaction. Provision of sufficient fund to universities for the availability of modern tools, scholarly publications, properly equipped libraries and laboratories is recommended. It is also needed to provide instructional technology i.e., video cassettes, computer technology, project and transparencies and other modern gadgets in the classrooms. Teachers are not consulted in academic matter which causes distrust and frustration. Their participation in decision making, revision of curricula, and other academic matters must be ensured. A formal strategy needs to be put in place to address teacher’s needs while stressing and encouraging accountability and initiatives. A distinction is needed to be made between the efficient workers and shirk workers. The system of rewards should be introduced to encourage the teachers with better performance. Refresher courses, seminars and training workshops must be arranged for university teachers to keep them abreast with the contemporary teaching techniques and research skills. They should be properly trained in the development and proper use of A.V aids.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.