How Financial Enterprises Deal with Crisis Public Relation

  •  Hongxin Li    
  •  Chunfeng Yang    


This article firstly introduces implication and basic functions of financial enterprises, theories of crisis public relation and necessity of financial enterprises in management of crisis public relation. Major problems of management of crisis public relation in financial enterprises include, imperfectness of internal system of financial enterprises, deficiency of crisis prevention system, weakness of the consciousness of crisis precaution, lack of experience in crisis public relation and deficiency of conclusion of post-assessment of crisis. Resolution of problems existing in management of crisis in financial enterprises can be conducted from the three aspects of precaution prior to the crisis, including improving financial system, setting up crisis early warning system and offering cordial service, disposal after occurrence of the crisis, including rapid response, sincere communication, public disclosure of the truth, focus on public opinions and asking the government for help, and rehabilitation after the crisis.

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