Discussion on Issues of Food Security Based on Basic Domestic Self-Sufficiency

  •  Shutao Gao    


Food is the most essential and important living substance of human being and is “grain ration” and strategic material. Food security is the basic guarantee for the national security. To China, a country which holds the largest population in the world, food security is more obviously a vital problem which concerns with the national security, the economic improvement, the national happiness and the social security. However, under the condition of the economic globalization, there are different arguments on whether China’s food security should be based on basic domestic self-sufficiency or it should be substituted by import. This paper will state that adherence to the food security strategy of “satisfying basic domestic self-sufficiency” is a necessary choice, by taking the serious situation of the global food crisis that has happened in the past two to three years as a background and from the three perspectives of the importance and specialty of food goods, the serious situation of international food supply and China’s special national situation. Meanwhile, it will put forward the basic thoughts and policies on ensuring the food’s basic self-sufficiency.

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