China’s Reform and Opening Process – A Fundamental Political Project

  •  Christian Ploberger    


The reform/opening process led to a dramatic and persistence economic growth and catapulted China among the major economic nations in the world. Yet, when focusing on this economic success it is all too easy to neglect the crucial role politics played in this process. It is critical to remember that in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) faced a fundamental political crisis, which informed the underlining dynamics of the subsequent reform process. Consequently, it should be emphasised, that the reform/opening process provides an illustrative example of a political project. In order to develop a deeper insight into the complex political-economic changes we observed in China since the reform process begun, I am focusing on particular issues encompassing the change in ideology; changes in the role of the market; and the response to the political-economic challenges arising in rural China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.