An Open-framework Strontium Phosphate Containing a Novel 412 Cages

  •  Zhen Zhu    


A novel strontium phosphite open-framework H2[Sr6(HPO3)7] (denoted as ZZ-2, ZZ = Zhen Zhu) was hydrothermally synthesized by using isophorondiamine (IPDA) as the trial structure-directing agent. Single crystal structure refinement discloses that ZZ-2 crystallizes in the trigonal space group R-3 with the cell parameters of a = 16.410(2) Å, b =16.410(2) Å, c = 6.8651(14) Å, ? = 114.61(5)°, ? = 90°, V = 1601.0(5) Å3, Z = 3. The structure of ZZ-2 is constructed by eight coordinated SrO8 and HPO3 pseudo pyramids. A novel 412 cages existed in the structure with a proton located in the center of the cage. the P-H bonds stretch in all cages, hydrogen proton at the center of the cage to balance framework.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.